Viko CJ Dane welcomes New Year with amazing ball drop show

Viko CJ Dane

Sandy, UT — There is nothing quite like ringing in the new year with the energy of thousands of people all under the same roof. When I first arrived at Mountain America Expo Center at 9pm, someone had mentioned that they had already been lining up for hours. As soon as I opened the front doors, an image of traditionally dressed Native American dancers, I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

The fire alarm was sounding, the music was blaring, and the hallway was equipped with its own D.J. The event was hosted by the party planners turned business venture “Viko CJ Dane”. The trio is notorious for generating outrageous amounts of hype from their audiences.

Local to the Utah area, Viko CJ Dane knew the unique diverse tastes and standard of party-goers. Too grungy and you are likely to lose a large audience. Too soft and you are likely to be labeled as boring; the black spot of event planning. The way they incorporated new age tastes and styles while still staying in the “Goldilocks” zone is nothing short of genius. Once I made it through the rather intense line, I walked onto the dance floor.

Carly showing the dance floor at the New Year’s Eve celebration.

A typical scene here was a DJ booth including speakers, lasers, the whole dance ready set-up. There were a few things in this scene however that were very much original. They had a fully operating concession stand with food and drinks. Also in the room you could find the VIP area, with a Monster tent and chairs included.

Accessed only through the VIP area, I made my way up to the exclusive high rise area. It was at this moment I realized just how many bodies occupied this space to watch Viko CJ Dane. It was a sea of bouncing heads and waving hands. Viko’s DJ set in particular had the crowd jumping and screaming as much as they could. They were making sure the crowd was energized to bring in the new year.

All together, the entire build counted down the ball drop, three…two…one… HAPPY NEW YEAR! Right on cue the confetti cannons and the acrobatic trampoline man was in the air. After the ball had dropped, the Nectär CBD products sponsrr team handed out free water bottles on the way out.

It was an amazing experience! I hope everyone has an amazing year of growth, love, and experiences to remember.