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September 18 will be one to remember for Lady Gaga. One of the biggest names in the industry, released a short film reflecting her struggle with mental health.

Gaga, 34, released the epic video for her song entitled “911”, the eighth song on her new album “Chromatica”. This came as a surprise to fans. Albeit that according to reports, during an interview she had admitted that filmed the video at the end of August. The project is a very important one for Lady Gaga as, for the first time, she speaks fearlessly about the medication she has had to take during a stage in her life to control the happenings in her head. An antipsychotic medication called Olanzapine in which the pop star is prescribed and is the substratum behind the song.

During the filming of the clip, the artist had to relive that dark period to get into the role. Gaga appears in the middle of a desert and approaches a small town where everyone has strange behaviors. Although she does not understand what she is doing there, thanks to a kind of Virgin Mary and a Conan the Barbarian she is gathering evidence until she discovers what has happened to her: she has had a traffic accident and has lost consciousness.

The characters that appear in his vision are the dreamlike representation of those in real life. In this way, the doctor is the Virgin who is reviving her and the policeman is the strange warrior. Without a doubt, Gaga knows how to put a plot twitst in the style of Los Serrano

The Grammy winner has been promoting her new work on her networks, most importantly, Instagram, where she would explain further the importance behind this piece. In addition, thanking her “little monsters” for all their support.


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