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If you thought Kawhi Leonard was EVER going to choose the Lakers, you are sadly mistaken.

If you thought Uncle Dennis (Robertson) and Kawhi was ever going to align with the same organization that’s run by LeBron James and Klutch, once again, you are playing yourself.

This was a game of chess, that was obvious, if you truly understood the mentality of Kawhi and his uncle, while also seeing the mindset of LeBron.

Let’s be real: how do you think a cold-blooded competitor like Kawhi, who has had to fight to make a name for himself literally, viewed LeBron’s courtship of him? If you don’t think that the man dubbed, “Dynasty Killer,” a man who idolized Kobe Bryant growing up, an individual who is on record stating his adoration of “A.I.” (Allen Iverson) and that Iverson was his favorite player growing up, didn’t look at LeBron’s recruitment of him as a sign of weakness, well I have a large amount of land to sell you. I mean, even NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins has nicknamed Leonard, “Kawhi J,” because he has the basketball makeup and temperament of Michael Jordan.

Honestly, would Bryant a.k.a “The Black Mamba” ever had recruited James when they were both perceived as the best players in the world? No, no, and NO! What if James wanted to go the Lakers at that time, Bryant wouldn’t have allowed it and would have told LeBron, “No, thanks!” Remember this moment from the 2012 NBA All-Star Game?

As aforementioned, Leonard is a HUGE fan of Kobe Bryant? Why? The clip above shows why: I want to battle you, not pass away the challenge.

Uncle Dennis and Leonard believe that the “Klaw” is the best player in the world. Moreover, to see James’ chasing of Leonard was an ultimate sign to them, what is that sign you ask? Weakness.

Seriously, these two are in the conversation as the NBA’s best players, have battled in multiple Finals against one other. James has 3 rings, Leonard has 2. They both have Finals MVPs to go with each championship, yet, one of them was aggressively courting the other to play with him instead of saying, “No, we are going to settle this on the court to see who’s best!”

The thought that Leonard viewed LeBron’s recruitment of him as a sign of strength and not enfeeblement is, well, naive. Kawhi and his Uncle are tough, unapologetic in their pursuit of greatness, believe they are their own bosses — and don’t need a super team to reach the throne.

This is very similar to the show, “The Wire.” Kawhi is Marlo, while LeBron became “Prop Joe” in this instance. Prop Joe always wanted to co-op with Marlo, but Marlo had no honest intention of indeed teaming up. Marlo wanted the throne and was determined to overtake Prop Joe as the new boss. Moreover, that’s eventually what happened in “The Wire,” and clearly, Leonard is making the same move on “The King.”

Yes, Leonard played — and hoodwinked — the Lakers and LeBron, I think we can see that now. A King doesn’t beg another dominant King to join the throne with him; they settle it by battle. Leonard was NEVER going to the Lakers, it was either going to be the Clippers or the Raptors.

So many are shocked by Leonard’s decision, but honestly, it was evident if you truly studied his actions, especially with him being a man of very few words.

  • Chose San Diego State after getting recruited by the big name schools late his senior year. The operative word here is that he “chose.”
  • Stood up to the powerful Spurs organization and demanded a trade.
  • Never complained about the roster in Toronto, just went out and played — and led them to their first NBA Championship.
  • Strung the Lakers along for days, only to sign with not just any rival, the one literally down the hall for them — and then convinced Paul George (another Southern California native) to come home to the Clippers.

So if you want to understand Kawhi Leonard, look at his most recent “Decision,” and it’ll tell you all you need to know.


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