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Marvel Studios is preparing for what has been the highly anticipated chapter in the Marvel Universe Saga: “Captain Marvel”. With the premiere only a couple of weeks away, the studio has teamed up with the WNBA to create a commercial spot entitled “What Makes a Hero”.

The video shows Captain Marvel, played by actress Brie Larsen putting on a series of moves to help save the world. Which should give a sigh of relief to Marvel fans after what transpired during Avengers: Infinity War with Thanos attaining all six infinity stones. However, the video also shows the WNBA’s biggest and brightest superstars such as Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird and A’ja Wilson putting on their own array of heroic moves to lead their teams to victory. Proving that whether real or fictional, young girls and women across the globe can be superheroes.

“Women like Captain Marvel and our WNBA players define and inspire our own version of super hero in their everyday lives through their strength, speed and power,” said WNBA COO Christy Hedgpeth. “Whether that’s through basketball or striving to be the best they can be in the community, our players are inspiring examples of everyday heroes.”

The commercial will make its debut during the halftime show of the NBA All-Star game on February 17. In addition, Captain Marvel will be in theaters on Women’s International Day on March 8.


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