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Emerging designers shine on day 3 of Omaha Fashion Week



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Omaha, NE — Lights, camera, work it!

Faces from all over the Midwest, in states like Nebraska and Iowa, come together to walk in the countries fifth largest fashion runway event. The event is known as Omaha Fashion Week.

Designers come from all over the world to showcase their most prized possessions that they want the whole world to see.

Every single year, this fashion show takes place in March and August and each new year there are always new, in style outfits, to drool over.

Last year was Omaha Fashion Weeks 10-year anniversary celebration, so they made this 11th year even more special than the last.

The fashion event is six days long, showcasing new designers every single night. I had the special pleasure of attending the third night, which included designers such as H.Art Studios, SKM Fashion, KLYNNE, Karissa Goosic, and many more. Designers were competing for a $500 cash prize.

I, myself model for Develop Model Management, which is who puts together Omaha Fashion Week. And I will say, my experience off the runway was outstanding!

The atmosphere was warm and inviting. I felt like I was at a masquerade ball when I was roaming the event. When I am modeling, I always have to stay backstage, but last night I took full advantage of this rare occasion to scope out my surroundings.

I started off this magnificent night by attending the VIP lounge. Once you stepped foot onto the red carpet and saw the bedazzled chandeliers, you felt like a superstar. The VIP experience made you feel like you were a celebrity at a red carpet event in Los Angeles.

While I was in the VIP Lounge, I was able to get a picture of the model Lauren Nicholle, who was looking stunning.

omaha fashion week
Model Lauren Nicholle Photo by Kaylie Clineff

Not only was the fashion show beautiful, I had the honor of trying some delicious food, catered by Brandeis Catering, which is located in Omaha. They served Japanese style dishes with anything from stuffed egg rolls, to grilled kabobs.

Along with this VIP experience, I got complimentary valet parking and a seat right by the stage. If you ever thought about getting VIP tickets but weren’t certain if they’d be worth it, take my word, and GET THEM!

After enjoying my VIP experience, it was time to admire the fashion statements on the runway. Fluffy dresses, sparkles, and rhinestone clothing seemed to be the highlight of the night.

Girls and guys strutted across the runway slaying their outfits. Each and every model showed confidence, and fierce attitudes while having their superstar moment.


Each night during Omaha Fashion Week, the evening is split up into two halves. During intermission time you are allowed to revisit any of the food stands, and refill your bar drinks. Or, you can even shop the looks you saw on the runway at their very own pop-up shop market!

All in all, Omaha Fashion Week is such an incredible experience, and if you love fashion as much as I do, then you too should be attending this event.

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