“Big Al,” Hawaii among standouts at Little League World Series

Little League World Series
Photo by Brittanie Fowler/TheBallOut

South Williamsport, PA — The Little League World Series is an interesting concept if you really think about it.

When do you ever hear people talking about hitting up their city’s local Little League game? Or about people buying flights or driving across the country with tons of fans to go watch 12-year-old boys play baseball? Unless you’re mom or dad, then I would have to guess the answer to those questions is NEVER.

So how do people go from having no interest in Little League baseball to making it one of the biggest televised events of the summer?

Sure, people from all over the world travel to The United States for a week-long baseball tournament. That’s cool and all… but let’s be honest. We all know why the Little League World Series has become such a hit.

The legendary Alfred “Big Al” Delia. Yes, we’re talking about “The Dinger Kid.”

Watching boys play baseball is cool and all, and actually pretty impressive when you see some kids lighting up 70+ mph on the radar gun. But nothing beats listening to pre-teen boys talk about themselves on camera.

This year, Big Al stole the show for the 2018 Little League World Series after he introduced himself as the kid who hits dingers, and he didn’t disappoint.

He proved he can talk the talk and walk the walk by hitting his own “dinger” during the Little League World Series, and the fans loved it.

Tyler Simon from Team Coventry also made sure to let the world know that he “gets mad chicks.” Team Grandview’s Brayden Shutt followed up by saying that he likes girls with an uncomfortable point and wink at the camera. Many of the boys even revealed that the secret to their success is “texting girls before a game.” It clearly isn’t all the practicing and training they’ve endured throughout their short careers that got them to where they’re at.

These kids sure don’t lack confidence, and maybe that’s what makes them so good. But sadly,” getting mad chick”s and texting girls before a game can only get you so far.

Team Hawai’i and Team South Korea were the last two teams to compete for the Little League World Series Championship on Sunday, and Team Hawaii proved that dingers really do win games.

Hawaii’s Mana Lau Kong delivered their first run of the game with a lead-off homerun in the first inning to give them a quick 1-0 lead, and South Korea couldn’t seem to bounce back. Team Hawaii was named the 2018 Little League World Series Champions on Sunday, their first title since 2008.

South Korea followed up with a courteous bow towards the Hawaii fans before exiting the field.

Every year, the small town of South Williamsport, Pennsylvania brings together talented ballplayers from all over the world to showcase their skills (and inner comedian) on an international platform. And whether it’s in the Major Leagues or a future season of The Bachelor, this won’t be the last time we see some of these young superstars.

What a GAME! Hawaii WINS Little League World Series, 3-0! #Hawaii #SouthKorea #LLWS

Posted by The Ball Out on Sunday, August 26, 2018