Rick Court

A couple months ago, Jordan McNair, a football player at the University of Maryland passed away. Unfortunately, after a workout, McNair died after suffering from a heatstroke. As the investigation continues on the football program, the president of the university, Wallace D. Loh, has announced Maryland “accepts legal and moral responsibility for the mistakes.”

Also, the Terps have parted ways with the assistant athletic director for sports performance, Rick Court. According to his Twitter though, he resigned from his position on Monday.


Loh further shared he took a trip to Baltimore with athletic director Damon Evans. There, they met with McNair’s family “to express on behalf of the university our apology for the loss of their son.”

He also added, “They entrusted their son to us, and he did not return home.”

The attorney of the McNair family, Billy Murphy, stated when Jordan was admitted to the hospital in May, his body temperature was 109 degrees. Furthermore, the football staff did not call 911 until an hour after Jordan suffered a seizure at practice, per a report.

Evans even admitted in the report, that sadly, Jordan McNair wasn’t properly treated.

“[He] did not receive appropriate medical care and mistakes were made by some of our athletic training personnel. The care provided was not consistent with best practices, and heat illness was not properly identified or treated,”

Loh stated the following via a written statement:

“We will do everything within our power to ensure that no University of Maryland student-athlete is ever again put in a situation where his or her safety and life are at foreseeable risk.”

As of now, Court is the only coach to resign. However, multiple staff members have been placed on administrative leave, including head coach DJ Durkin.

More to come as the story develops.


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