Corsican Wine Dinner, Lamberti's
Photo by Klara Bradshaw/TheBallOut

Irving, TX — If you’re looking for a new Italian restaurant to add to your list of favorites, we may have found one that will top your list.

On a slightly cool Saturday evening, I found myself at possibly the most authentic Italian restaurant I’ve had the pleasure of dining at in the DFW area. The place? Lamberti’s Ristorante & Wine Bar nestled in Irving, Texas.

Upon arriving, it looked like a typical restaurant you could find yourself in on a Saturday night. Upon leaving, I was not only delightfully full but also completely satisfied with my meal and enlightened on some unknown history of Italy itself.

Not only was the food divine, but the owner was even more gracious to speak with me about his business and take time out of his evening to greet me. The ambiance of the restaurant was a perfect match for the food they brought out along with the hospitality of the staff.

For the evening we were treated to a five-course meal and wine tasting event, which at first was a little intimidating but in the end was worth every bite.

We started with a light roasted fennel with Parmigiano Reggiano which was paired with a beautifully colored Rose wine, which ended up being my favorite of the evening.

For my favorite meal of the evening, we were served Maccoranara di Langoustine, which was paired with a Clos Poggiale Bianco 100% Vermentine AOC wine. This dish is actually not on the restaurant menu, but oh was it absolutely amazing! It was a specially crafted pasta with amazingly large shrimp on top and the sauce was a buttery heaven that combined the two perfectly. Many guests were saying that it should immediately be put on the regular menu, and I don’t disagree with them.

We also were gifted later on in the evening with braised lamb, and an amazing arugula salad paired with a crispy Brocciu cheese. To end the event, for dessert we had Zeppolle di Castagne which is a traditional crispy Italian dessert pastry.

To add on top of that, this is also the best bread basket I’ve ever had before a meal. As a millennial/Generation Z cohabitant, we love some free food before our meal whether it be chips and queso or a bread basket, so this is a high honor. The butter is a special garlic recipe that honestly makes me want to get in the car and go get right now.

Overall, the entire experience was one I would love to live again. In fact, the couple next to me spoke of how they come to this same restaurant very often. Review questionnaires always ask if you would “recommend this to your friends,” so to answer that bluntly, I have already told five of my closest friends to go immediately.

If this didn’t make you want some pasta and a bread basket, you might need to seek help.



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