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Sources: Arizona leaving Pac-12 for Big 12



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In a dramatic twist of collegiate athletic allegiances, the Arizona Wildcats are departing from the Pac-12 conference for the Big 12, multiple sources tell The Ball Out on the condition of anonymity. This monumental shift in conference alignment is set to send shockwaves across the landscape of college sports.

The possibility of Arizona leaving the Pac-12 for the Big 12 has been a hot topic in recent times, with the Wildcats seemingly holding the keys to a significant power shift between the conferences. The move, which could potentially be completed by the 2024-25 season, is seen as an 80 percent certainty, according to a Big 12 source quoted by the Star-Telegram.

Arizona’s departure would deal a major blow to the Pac-12, already facing instability with Colorado’s recent exit to the Big 12. However, the conference could potentially weather this storm by adding schools like Boise State, as suggested by Sports Illustrated.

This decision doesn’t just impact the Wildcats and the conferences involved, but also the future of traditional rivalries. The shift would jeopardize the annual Territorial Cup game against the Arizona State Sun Devils, as expressed by former ASU coach Todd Graham to The Athletic.

President Bobby Robbins of the University of Arizona has maintained that no final decisions will be made until there’s clarity on the Pac-12’s television deal, according to AZ Central. However, the Oklahoman reports that Arizona’s impending decision has put the Pac-12 on the brink of destruction.

Reactions to this potential move have varied significantly among stakeholders. Some view it as an inevitable step in response to the changing dynamics of collegiate sports economics. Others, however, express concern over the potential loss of longstanding rivalries and the destabilizing effect this could have on the Pac-12.

There are also speculations about who might be the next to leave the Pac-12. As reported by Deseret News, the question now is not if another school will leave the Pac-12, but rather who will be the next one to turn out the lights.

Looking Toward the Future: What’s next for the Big 12 and Pac-12?

As for Arizona’s future in the Big 12, it remains uncertain how they will fare. However, with the Big 12 reportedly planning to introduce a 14th team for the 2024-25 season, the Wildcats’ arrival could herald the start of a new epoch.

While the potential implications of this move are massive, it’s clear that the Wildcats are at the center of a much larger narrative. This isn’t just about one team’s decision to change conferences; it’s about the shifting sands of collegiate sports as a whole.

The Arizona Wildcats’ journey from the Pac-12 to the Big 12 is just beginning.

Is Arizona State going to follow Arizona?

Arizona State Sun Devils, a stalwart of the Pac-12 Conference, are rumored to be contemplating a monumental move to the Big 12, following in the footsteps of their desert neighbors, the Arizona Wildcats. This potential transition has far-reaching implications and is largely driven by the Pac-12’s struggle to secure a media deal.

A Stage Set for Departure: Lack of Pac-12 media deal

Arizona State’s consideration of leaving the Pac-12 seems to be spurred by the conference’s inability to land a lucrative television deal. This failure has raised concerns about the financial stability and future prosperity of the conference’s member institutions. With the recent departure of Colorado and Arizona to the Big 12, these concerns have only intensified.

Arizona State’s potential move to the Big 12 is not just about financial security. It’s also about visibility and competitiveness. Joining the Big 12 could provide the Sun Devils with a larger platform and increased national exposure, which would inevitably boost their recruiting efforts and competitive standing.

Arizona’s departure has already put the Pac-12 on a precarious edge, and Arizona State’s potential exit could push it over the brink. The loss of another major institution like Arizona State would significantly weaken the Pac-12, both in terms of athletic competitiveness and market appeal.

Moreover, the departure of Arizona State could trigger a domino effect, prompting other institutions to reconsider their allegiances. As reported by Sports Illustrated, Utah is also a priority target for the Big 12. If Arizona State and Utah were to leave, the Pac-12 would be left scrambling to fill the void, further destabilizing the conference.

Despite the potential drawbacks, many see Arizona State’s possible move to the Big 12 as a necessary step. With the Big 12 reportedly looking to add a 14th team for the 2024-25 season, the Sun Devils’ arrival could mark the beginning of a new era.

The Pac-12’s struggles have illuminated the need for its member institutions to explore other avenues for growth and success. Arizona State’s potential move to the Big 12 could be seen as a proactive step towards securing a brighter future for the institution.

In conclusion, the rumors surrounding Arizona State’s departure from the Pac-12 highlight the changing dynamics of collegiate sports. Financial stability, increased visibility, and competitive strength all factor into these decisions. As we continue to monitor this developing story, one thing is clear: the landscape of college sports is changing, and we can expect more surprises along the way.

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