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‘The Old Man and the Three’ & ‘The Draymond Green Show’ host amazing live show


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New York City, NY — Monday night’s special event, “The Old Man and the Three” with “The Draymond Green Show Live in New York” was a night to remember. Both groups are a podcast with Green by himself, “The Old Man and the Three” is a podcast hosted by former NBA player JJ Redick and Tommy Alter. The live podcast on Monday was held at the Loft insidet City Winery and the entire evening was filled with excitement. With the stage set, the evening was insightful as the men went from typically speaking behind a microphone on a laptop screen to speaking openly in front of a sold-out crowd.

The Draymond Green Show, live podcast
From left to right: JJ Redick, Tommy Alter and Draymond Green share the stage during the live show. Photo by Kaitlin Reagan/The Ball Out

I had an amazing experience hearing Green speak live about his experience in the NBA. It was nice to hear what it is like being on the court firsthand yet handling the pressure that can come with playing in the playoffs.

He spoke about the difference between playing at home, and on the road, and spoke especially about some of the trash talking he got during this recent Boston series in the NBA Finals. It was very personal and different from what you would get from social media as both JJ and Draymond were very real and relatable. Both address how as players, you can feel the energy from the crowd — including the effect it has on your game in a positive or negative way.

As the live show continued, I loved hearing how they develop strategies, and work together with their teammates to implement them during the heat of a game. These strategies change depending on the teams that they play against and Draymond spoke about his least favorite teams to play against. On the top of his list for least favorite to play against was the L.A.Lakers, specifically because LeBron James is always able to anticipate each player’s next move. He loves LeBron but does recognize how amazing he is at the game. He described it as intimidating but also agreed that he loves the challenge.

Another topic Draymond spoke about is how amazing it feels to join the four-ring club, and how big of a step up it is from having three NBA championship rings. He feels unstoppable, and looking forward to what next season brings.

The Draymond Green Show, live podcast
Stephen A. Smith speaks during the live show. Photo by Kaitlin Reagan/The Ball Out

With the night progressing forward, sports television personality Stephen A. Smith was a special guest for the live show. As always, he brought the energy and a different perspective to the show that made it even more enjoyable.

I was super thankful to be there, and overall I recommend listening to both “The Old Man and Three” and “The Draymond Green” podcasts because you really get a different perspective of what it’s like to be (or use to be in Redick’s view) in the NBA firsthand from the pros themselves.

The crowd in the event Monday night was so involved, and I could tell everyone felt so connected to all three on stage. The best way I could describe the feeling is that I felt I was listening to a friend speak. Draymond is extremely humble, and it was an honor to meet him, and be there tonight.

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