Dragonfly Bar & Grill: A special gem in Costa Rica

dragonfly bar and fly
Courtesy of Dragonfly Bar & Grill

Tamarindo, Costa Rica — I had the opportunity to visit Dragonfly Bar & Grill located in Tamarindo which is one of the most popular beaches you can visit in the Guanacaste Province on the North Pacific coast. This beach town is ideal for anyone looking to spend some time on a white sand beach, get a massage, relax, do some shopping and enjoy some great dining options.

Dragonfly Bar & Grill has exceptional cuisine, amazing wines, cocktails and beers, as well as fantastic service. The restaurant’s location is great. It is very easy to get there and one thing I loved about it was that it is not on the main road, so you’re not bothered by too many cars passing.

What did add to the ambiance of the restaurant was a DJ giving all diners a nice entertainment set for the night. The restaurant is very charming and romantic, with nice furniture, a beautiful setup, and equally as important, exquisite food and drinks.

Tonight I was able to enjoy Tuna Tartare (raw tuna cut into small pieces). From what I heard, Dragonfly Bar & Grill has the best in town and it definitely didn’t disappoint once I tasted it. It was amazing! The Tuna Tartare was truly one of the best ones I have had, the fresh tuna, oh my goodness.

I also tried the Lobster Bisque which was savory and with a good amount of lobster in it.

As for the main course, I had the nightly special, a skirt steak with a lobster risotto and I just can’t explain how good that was. It was one of those things you just don’t want it to end. During the dinner, I enjoyed a magnificent Moscow mule and also the signature dragonfly drink and loved them both.

After speaking with Danielle, one of the owners, I learned that she and her husband, Kris, run the restaurant from afar during part of the year. The couple is from Canada and it is incredible — considering how difficult managing a business from a different country is — but they are doing such a great job. They clearly put together a really good team here that keeps things straight.

They spend the busiest months in Costa Rica, basically the high season, and Danielle is at the entrance greeting people being the wonderful host that she is. Personally, she made me feel right at home with her welcoming smile.

Great leadership starts at the top and Dragonfly Bar & Grill has that with Danielle welcoming in people, a nice staff plus food and drinks you want more and more of. Trust me, I cannot wait to be back.

If you happen to be in Tamarindo, you MUST visit Dragonfly Bar & Grill.