Kelly Price

Update as of Sept. 26

Kelly Price personally informed everyone she has not been missing but has been resting as she’s still recovering from COVID. She posted a message on Instagram thanking fans for their “love, concern, and prayers.”

She also spoke with TMZ updating fans on how bad her battle with the sickness has been — including having to be brought back to life by the medical team at the hospital.

Update as of 9 pm EST

Monica Ewing, who is Price’s attorney, has been in communication with Cobb County police to notify them the singer is not missing. According to TMZ’s report, Ewing stated Price is still recovering and is doing so at an undisclosed location.

But despite Ewing’s claims of Price being safe, her sister Shanrae Price isn’t convinced. Shanrae stated on the “Larry Reid Live” show, this behavior is unlike Kelly and she will believe Kelly is okay once she is able to see her physically.

The audio of Shanrae — which she can be heard holding back tears — on the show can be found here.

Original story:

Kelly Price, who is a gospel singer, is reportedly missing. Price was recently discharged from a hospital in Georgia after battling covid. She posted a video on July 29 stating she was struggling with the symptoms after contracting the sickness.

Her family and friends were in communication with her while she was in the hospital but since, had not heard from her. But, it wasn’t Price who informed her family she was released from the hospital, her kids received a call from someone else.

Last Saturday (Sept. 18), a welfare check was conducted at her home and she was officially listed as a missing person. Since being released from the hospital, her family has not heard from her. In one report, it was stated no evidence of foul play has been found but authorities have spoken with her boyfriend. In addition, it has been reported her boyfriend has been keeping family and friends from visiting her home.

Her missing person case can be found on the National Crime Information Center and is an active investigation.

More details are to come as the story develops.


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