The Intuit Dome: Clippers set to welcome ‘global destination’

Clippers, Intuit Dome, groundbreaking ceremony
Photo by Lauren Sesselmann/The Ball Out

Inglewood, CA —Today I had the honor and pleasure of attending the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Clippers arena, the Intuit Dome. From the moment I walked into the celebration, the atmosphere was electric and a nonstop dance party. As a basketball fan and an athlete, I’ve always admired arenas and stadiums, the architecture, the fan experience, the amenities, the essence of community and togetherness. I can promise you the new arena for the Clippers will not disappoint. The Intuit Dome will be the BEST NBA arena, if not the BEST arena across all sports around the world. 

Hearing the passion and emotion in Steve Ballmer, the owner of the Clippers, voice brought tears to my eyes. This man cares. With his attention to every detail, he poured his heart and soul into the creating of this absolute masterpiece. His vision; to bring the city of Inglewood more job opportunities and a sense that they belong to something special. His sole vision was to create an atmosphere above and beyond anything you have ever seen. To bring not only basketball but music and entertainment…a place where you will never want to leave once you step foot in it. Ballmer wants this to be the ultimate fan experience.

This will not only be an arena for the players but the community, which was my favorite part. He has built extra courts inside and surrounding the dome to host basketball tournaments and a safe place for the kids and adults to play pick up and enjoy each other as well as enjoy being a part of an environment where inclusion and love of each other is the ultimate goal.

The arena will be built on strictly electric and solar panels making it sustainable and environmentally friendly. The Intuit Dome will provide over 1,500 more jobs to the community and it will also be giving back to create more affordable housing for residents. It will be filled with cabanas, fine restaurants, shops and so much more. In the words of Clippers coach Ty Lue it will “be a global destination, and allow us to have our own identity and not live in someone else’s shadow.”

If you are a Clippers fan like me, you will be waiting with anticipation for 2024 when the arena will be ready. This will be the ultimate “home away from home.” If you can tell by my excitement for not only basketball being back soon, but the fact that LA will be home to the best arena in the league, it will make me never want to leave this beautiful city.

2024 can’t come soon enough…let’s GO CLIPPERS!!