Saweetie, Quavo
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Female rapper Saweetie has confirmed that she and Quavo are no longer dating. Quavo is one-third of the hip-hop supergroup Migos, and the two were considered a power couple in the rap world. The two have been together publicly since 2018.

The pair have publicly declared their love on social media, primarily through gifts. Quavo gifted the “My Type” artist a Bentley this past Christmas.  On February 15th, Saweetie posted a series of glamorous Instagram photos with the rapper kissing her neck. The caption was “fight night”, despite her home being filled with roses and candles.

However, as seen with the public gestures that Offset made with Cardi B, large gifts do not mean a stable or faithful relationship. 

 Saweetie confirmed the rumors over Twitter on Friday afternoon.

Quavo tweeted her back indirectly, to demonstrate that he was not into public drama.


Saweetie quote tweeted her ex, adding “Take care,” in response to his last tweet.

The pair recently unfollowed each other on Instagram, which is the 2020s version of changing your Facebook relationship status. It is believed that Saweetie unfollowed him first. Many speculate that infidelity led to their breakup.


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