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Kennesaw, GA — Tucked away about 30 miles north of Atlanta is a beautiful city that doesn’t get the notoriety of the other big cities in the state of Georgia; however, Kennesaw’s beauty can’t be denied.

The tranquil town that is home to the second-largest university in Georgia, Kennesaw State, held this year’s ASUN Women’s Basketball Conference Tournament. And just like the city that it played in for this week, the FGCU Eagles’ basketball beauty is something to behold — they take a back seat to no one in the country.

Now, you might be saying to yourself that this is hyperbole; who is this F-G-C-U that’s being mention? They can’t be that good! But oh, yes, they are that good! The No. 24/21 Eagles put on a tour de force that showed that they will be a team to be reckoned with, no matter the opponent in the NCAA Tournament.

FGCU is the most dangerous team in the tournament, a true potential giant killer. And if you think otherwise, prepare to be surprised.

“I think going into the NCAA, whoever they’re playing, they better be able to control Morehouse and put pressure all over Bell or they’re going to be in trouble as well,” said Liberty head coach Carey Green after his Flames got routed 84-62 by the Eagles.

Yes, the Eagles are that good.

The prodigious trouble that they can cause in the NCAA Tournament is not to be underestimated. They have one of the top-5 coaches in the country in Karl Smesko, arguably the best player in the nation in Kierstan Bell, and explosive players in Tishara Morehouse, Aaliyah Stanley, and Andrea Cecil.

The aesthetically pleasing offense that’s so unique could be an absolute nightmare for teams that don’t fully comprehend the beauty of FGCU’s style of play.

“When you have so many new players, shorter practices, and a young team, there’s room to grow,” said FGCU coach Karl Smesko. “Having said that, this team is really good, and they’re capable of beating some really good teams, especially with our style of play and the talent we have.”

“If we can continue to play team ball and play for each other, I think we’ll have a great run,” said Bell.

The ASUN’s moniker for the weekend was the hashtag #ASUNMadness which is fitting, because that’s what FGCU has the ability to cause in the year’s tournament: madness!


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