Halle Berry snaps back on internet trolls

Halle Berry
Getty Images
Halle Berry the famous actress has been attacked by some trolls who accused her of not being able to have a stable partner, or as they say, “of keeping a man by her side.”
Berry was fed up with the criticism and through her Instagram account put them in their place, ensuring that, to begin with, no man has taken care of her.
It all started because the protagonist of Monster’s Ball posted on Instagram: “Women do not owe you s$%!“. Her post unleashed a barrage of attacks by some followers who pointed to her with phrases such as “Says the one who is not able to retain a man” or “@halleberry is definitely dying alone, can’t keep a man, it’s so sad.”
“Maybe you should stop teaching your son that nonsense! ”.
But this time, Berry chose not to remain silent and responded to her trolls: “Who says I want to stay with the wrong man? because I do not. No man has ever cared for me.”
To add fuel to the fire, the actress also commented that paying unreasonable amounts of alimony to an ex is ” and is “extortion” and that it takes a lot of work to do so. Although, this latest comment from Halle Berry is said to have been directed at her ex, model Gabriel Aubry, who is the father of her daughter Nahla.