Lil Wayne, Trump
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Denise Bidot, rapper Lil’ Wayne’s girlfriend, shared a shocking post to her Instagram earlier this week. The IG story stated “Sometimes love just isn’t enough” with a broken heart emoji. Her story was posted not long after Wayne endorsed President Trump.

Which means, the 38 years old American rapper, Lil Wayne’s endoresement of Trump seemed to horrify Bidot. Bidot was the only one shocked by his stance as his fans were too.

Bidot, a successful plus size model, was following on Instagram only one person — Lil’ Wayne –but, now the number went back to zero.

Their relationship went public, not too long time after Wayne divorced his fiancé, La’tecia Thomas, back in June. Bidot posted lot of series of photos about her love. She added these words for the photos “Somehow in the middle of the madness, something special happened. Us.” And she put a black heart and the end. She got a lot of comments from Wayne, however, it seems like the love was not enough after he decided to support Trump. This decision was enough to put this relationship to an end.


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