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Exclusive: Ben Crump blasts Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron



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In an exclusive to The Ball Out, Breonna Taylor’s Civil Rights attorney, Ben Crump, responds to Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron in a powerful statement. Earlier this week, Cameron, who is under much scrutiny for not directly charging officers for Taylor’s death, called out Crump for his tactics. Cameron’s call out of Crump stemmed from Megan The Stallion’s Saturday Night Live performance. In her performance, Megan took the Kentucky AG to task, along with calling him a sellout.

We reached out to Crump to get his response, and he blasted Cameron:

“Attorney General Cameron can criticize me all he wants, but the fact is I did my job by securing justice for Bre in the civil system, including negotiating unprecedented police reform. AG Cameron failed to do his job and make the case for justice for Breonna in the criminal system. The “Ben Crump Playbook,” as Cameron dubbed it, is about unrelenting advocacy until justice is achieved. What is the Daniel Cameron Playbook? Hiding the facts and hoping it all goes away? Cameron claims we misrepresented the facts, yet authorities now say there were no suspicious packages going to Bre’s home and no basis for the no-knock warrant. So who misrepresented the facts to the grand jury? It’s time for AG Cameron to get off the talk shows, step aside, and allow a new independent prosecutor to be appointed who will make the case for justice for Breonna.”

We will see if Cameron responds to Crump’s latest statement.

Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Ball Out. Dubbed a "genius" by Seth Pollack, the Ex-Associate Director at Vox Media, praised by the likes of Jay Bilas and Dick Vitale, his work has illuminated CBS, NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports, and Sports Illustrated. Known for breaking record news stories during his tenure at Vox Media, Mike Robinson has been describe by luminaries in media as a transcendent talent with a passion for truth-telling, breaking news and quality journalism.

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