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The federal agents that the White House deployed to quell the protests in Portland, will not withdraw from that city until the protests stop, President Donald Trump said on Thursday. His news comes despite the fact that yesterday, Portland’s Governor Kate Brown announced that the withdrawal of federal agents would start today.

On Wednesday, Brown reported that following “repeated requests,” the government in Washington “agreed to the gradual withdrawal of federal officers deployed to the Mark Hatfield Courthouse in the United States in recent weeks,” she said in the above article. Brown also shared she believes these officers “acted as an occupying force, refused to be held accountable, and brought violence and conflict.” The governor confirmed with the federal agents leaving, they would clean up the graffiti found alongside the building and slowly leave Portland.

In response to the President, Brown announced a two-year plan, newly-formed coalition called ‘The Reimagine Oregon Project’. The project will focus on dismantling systematic racism.

Gov. Brown’s Tweet — which included an article on the project — stated the following:

“Oregon’s racist history still lives with us in so many ways. But I believe in our ability to cultivate a new present and a better future. I am excited to work with Black community leaders to forge that path forward, hand in hand, across the entire state.” 


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