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Los Angeles, CA — The 2020 Writers Guild Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California was full of spectacular writing talent. The red carpet event celebrated the incredible writers of this years’ best tv shows and movies. It was great to hear from these passionate writers about their work and what inspires them.

Nominee writer Tom Flynn of the recent Disney release “Togo” spoke on how joyful it was to create this film.

“It’s a story that’s been told wrong for 100 years,” he said. “They got the wrong dog.”

He was very grateful to have brought the real story to life in Disney’s Togo, currently being streamed on Disney+.

Nina Fiore of “Handmaid’s Tale” spoke about what it’s like to write multiple seasons for a show:

“We start off looking at it from really high up, and see organically where is the character at the end of the season, where do we want to get her to the end of the next season, and really try to emulate what that character is feeling and reacting to things,” she stated.

“We really sit in the character for a while, for a couple of weeks actually, before we even get into what happens or what could happen,” Fiore continued.

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Hailey posing with Antonio Raul Corbo and Jamie Camil on the red carpet at Writers Guild Awards. Courtesy of Hailey Harward/The Ball Out

Max Borenstein, writer of “The Terror: Infamy”, touched on his historical drama series.

“You couldn’t have told this story as a movie,” said Borenstein. “It’s too rich and deep—films are a little but more like a short story, and this is a long long epic so it couldn’t have been done any other way.”

Ryan O’Connell who wrote and acts in ‘Special‘, a semi-autobiographical series about a gay disabled main character, also shared some words on the red carpet.

“I think people are responding to it and I was so grateful because I always believed people could relate to a show featuring a gay disabled person, said O’Connell. “Through specificity you get to the universal-ness I’d experience.”

So, you don’t have to be gay or disabled to enjoy my show,” O’Connell continued. “I think we’ve proven that it’s just all about humanity.”

In my interview with actor Jaime Camil, he stressed the importance of writers.

“The backbone of every single project. We are very privileged to have great writers behind great projects, and without them we are nothing,” he said.

By Hailey Harward


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