Zach Smith, OSU

Former Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith, took to Twitter Wednesday to break his silence. He called out members of the media, including ESPN, and denied the allegations of domestic abuse that was brought upon him.

Smith was fired in July by the Buckeyes after failing to obey a restraining order. His now ex-wife Courtney Smith, filed the order on behalf of herself and their children.

As he took to his Twitter, he stated who is really being hurt during this situation and Urban Meyer forcing his statement.

Smith also had his own set of questions for college football writer, Brett McMurphy. McMurphy broke the story regarding the former assistant coach and Courtney.

Smith stated he never beat his wife and had a strong word to describe the Buckeyes’ investigation.

Meyer was placed on administrative leave Aug. 1 after reportedly lying to reporters. He claimed he had no knowledge of an alleged domestic abuse scandal between Zach Smith and ex-wife Courtney in 2015.

Ohio State suspended Meyer for the first three games of the 2018 season after performing their own two-week independent investigation. He has been banned from interacting with the team until Sept. 2. However, he cannot be on the sidelines during Ohio State’s first three games this season.

Meyer would also apologize to Courtney Smith for his actions during last week’s press conference. However, did not utter Courtney’s name during his apology.

The former Buckeye coach says “the truth will come out” about his ex-wife’s allegations.

However, Zach wasn’t the only one to get thoughts off his chest. His mother, Lynn Bruce went in on Urban Meyer via Facebook.



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