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Supreme Court strikes down Affirmative Action



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The Supreme Court has decided to shut down Affirmative Action in college admissions. Affirmative action has been used for years based on race. Now, universities have to seek new ways to promote diversity among their students.

Reaction to Affirmative Action Decision

The ruling means race can’t be a factor, and now high education establishments must find new ways to achieve diversity among their students.

Ben Crump, a nationally renowned civil rights attorney, released the following statement on the ground-breaking news:

“This ruling reeks of the intellectual justification of discrimination. As we have recently witnessed in politics, this is a coordinated effort to undo much of the progress made to turn America into a land of equal opportunity. The truth is, Black Americans do not have equal opportunity because our starting line is miles behind that of our white peers.

“It’s obvious that social inequities and systematic discrimination create a more difficult and treacherous path for Black and Brown people to achieve stability and success, blocking their ability to accumulate generational wealth and get their families to a place of financial security. Affirmative action opened doors for bright, young people that were closed to them for generations.”

Affirmative action has been a way to admit more Black and Hispanic students to universities for years.

President Biden also voiced his disappointment with Supreme the Court’s decision.

“We should never allow the country to walk away from the dream upon which it was founded,” Biden told reporters. “We need a new path forward, a path consistent with the law that protects diversity and expands opportunity.”

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