Report: Family of Zion Williamson wants him on new team

Zion Williamson, New Orleans Pelicans

Trouble in New Orleans? Zion Williamson’s family has expressed that they don’t want him in
New Orleans. This is a huge hit to the organization and fans within the Pelicans organization.

The Athletic was first to break the news of the displeasure within the young stars’ inner circle.

The summer will be interesting to see how Zion reacts to the feelings of his family and how the Pelicans organization feels about the opinion of Zion’s family. As a professional athlete, it can be hard to maintain a low profile and for Zion, it has always been on another level since he was at Spartanburg High.

As his family members are some of the closest people to him, I wish that they
wouldn’t go public with information like this. I feel like it portrays Zion as not being committed to the New Orleans Pelicans organization. It’ll be a waiting game to see if Zion comments on this news and his next steps will be whether that is with another team or in New Orleans.