Andrew Brown

Update as of April 28

A North Carolina judge announced today the bodycam footage will not be released publically at the time being. The judge did grant for Brown’s family and one of their legal representative to view the videos. They will not be able to make copies or record what they view.

During today’s hearing, Andrew Womble, the district attorney for the county, stated Brown hit law enforcement with his car twice. After the car moved twice –once backward and then forward in the driveway, Womble said shots were heard in the video.

Update as of April 27

The Brown family’s independent autopsy results showed he was shot five times — one shot was to his head.

“Yesterday, I said he was ‘executed.’ This autopsy report shows me that was correct,” stated Khalil Ferebee, Brown’s son.

Update as of April 26

5:52 pm EST

Ben Crump, Harry Daniels, and Bakari Sellers will hold a press conference tomorrow morning stating the results of an independent autopsy report.

3:15 pm EST

The footage has been released — at least a 20-second clip has.

Chantel Cherry-Lassiter, an attorney for the family, broke down what was viewed in the footage.

“Andrew had his hands on his steering wheel. He was not reaching for anything, he wasn’t touching anything.” Cherry-Lassister shared. “He had his hands firmly on the steering wheel. They run up to his vehicle shooting. He still stood there, sat there in his vehicle with his hands on the steering wheel while being shot at.”

She further detailed that Brown was shot at prior to backing out of the driveway.

1:20 pm EST

A state of emergency has been declared as the police department is expected to release the bodycam footage today.

Update as of April 24

Ben Crump — a national Civil Rights Attorney — will join Harry Daniels, and Bakari Sellers as representation for Brown Jr.’s family.

Despite the Pasquotank County sheriff’s department not releasing body camera footage, the department has placed seven deputies on leave.

“Local authorities continue to say they’ll act transparently, but we’ve seen anything but since the tragic killing of Andrew Brown Jr.,” stated Crump in a press release. “We don’t have the names of the officers, we don’t have bodycam footage, and we don’t know what transpired except what is being reported by witnesses. This family and the Elizabeth City community deserve answers now.”

“The verdict of Derek Chauvin was certainly a victory in the fight for equal justice, but the killing of Andrew Brown Jr., only a day later, indicates we have so much further to go,” he continued. “We will continue to demand transparency and accountability from Elizabeth City leadership and from the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office. And we won’t stop fighting for justice for Andrew, his family, and for all victims of law enforcement overreach and police brutality.”

Update as of 5:18 pm ET

Sheriff Tommy Wooten II stated the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s deputy who shot Brown has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. Furthermore, Wooten said the officer — who he didn’t name — was wearing an active body camera. He also did not state how many shots were fired or what the search warrant was for.

“What we are looking for at this time will be accurate answers and not fast answers,” District Attorney Andrew Womble said on the investigation. “We’re going to wait for the full and complete investigation … and we’ll review that and make any determinations that we deem appropriate at that time. This will not be a rush to judgment.”

Elizabeth City, NC — The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has been called to investigate an officer-involved shooting. Andrew Brown Jr. was killed by a local sheriff deputy after six to eight shots were fired into his vehicle. Deputies were serving a search warrant on the 400 block of Perry Street, off Roanoke Avenue.

Per witnesses, Brown was in his car and drove off before shots were heard.

Brown, who was 40-years old, was a father to 10 children. According to reports, Brown did not have a weapon.

More details to come as the story develops.


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