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The league has been on top of players testing positive or contact tracing to keep players out of games if they have been exposed. This morning, the league announced it would be postponing the next three games with the San Antonio Spurs. Four players have tested positive for COVID-19.

Furthermore, in order to complete contact tracing, the Charlotte Hornets’ next two games have also been postponed. Charlotte and San Antonio played each other this past Sunday. Since the game has ended, the Spurs have been quarantining.

With games on hold, San Antonio is the third team this season to have multiple games postponed because of positive tests. The Washington Wizards and Memphis Grizzlies have also had to deal with at least a week off between games.

The soonest the Spurs could hit the court again would be Feb. 24. Games to reschedule will include this week’s matchups against Cleveland, New York, and next week’s against Indiana.

As for Charlotte, their next two games against Chicago and Denver have been postponed. Their next possible game could be later this week on Saturday against Golden State.

No names have been disclosed on who tested positive within the Spurs organization, only that players were the ones who tested positive.



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