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NBA Draft steals that could make immediate impacts



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In the beginning of an NBA draft process, you hear about the top prospects. Names that will go in the lottery and become potential stars. 

However, once you inch closer and closer to draft day, you begin hearing about the “steals” of the draft. A player that maybe wasn’t looked at closely or can be a valuable rotation piece to a roster. Or even who very well could be a star and have a long career in the league. Names such as Gilbert Arenas, Rashard Lewis, Manu Ginobili, and even Nick Van Exel are amongst some of the greatest draft day steals.

Well, there may be two players who fit that bill in this year’s draft. 

Tyrell Terry (Stanford)

Height: 6′ 3″ | Weight: 170 | Age: 20 | Freshman

Points Per Game: 14.6 | Rebounds: 4.5 | Assists: 3.2 | FG %: 44.1

Simply put, Tyrell Terry is a gunner.

Terry this past season for Cardinal, drained 40.8% of his three-point baskets last year. He made 4+ three-point field goals in a single contest six times this past season. In addition, recorded 20+ points in a single game nine times over the course of his freshmen season. This guy knows how to put the ball in the basket. 

Scouts already have this guy being looked at in the mid to late first round of the NBA draft. Although others believe a team may take a chance on him close in the lottery. It’ll be something worth watching. There are many that have seen his potential if in the right situation, almost being something like a version of C.J. McCollum. However, you may see more of a Seth Curry or Jason Terry type of career from the 20-year-old from Minneapolis.

However, he’s a prospect that is going to fill whatever role he needs to in order to fit with his new team. 

“Right away I’ll be able to bring a high level of unselfishness,” he said. “Whether I’m able to come and contribute right away or I can be the best teammate off of the bench. That’s something I’m willing to do.”

“Also a level of worth ethic,” he continued. “Wanting to be the first one in the gym and the last one out. As a rookie wanting to gain the respect from these veterans, that’s something I can contribute right away.”

What many teams are going to have to be impressed by with the incoming rookie, is that he’s a player that wants to impact the game in multiple ways. Around holiday time last year, Terry was as hot as could be. Then cooled off and couldn’t hit a bucket. However, he felt that was a great opportunity to put the spotlight on other aspects of his game. 

“I think the biggest thing I was able to do in those certain games was trying to contribute in different ways when my shot wasn’t falling,” he said. “I know my role was to be a scorer on that team, but you can’t always make every shot you shoot. So, for me to be able to make plays and give effort on the defensive end is something I was able to showcase a little bit.”

There’s one thing that concerns scouts when it comes to the sharpshooter though, and that’s his size and defensive capabilities. You hear that he’s already added some weight to his frame, which is a great thing to be able to note at the next level. Because you get the feeling that at his height, teams will look to take advantage of him defensive end of the court. Yet, Terry feels that he can be a solid defender in the league. 

“With my size, the biggest thing I have to bring is high energy and motor on the defensive end,” Terry stated. “I think I have good defensive intangibles and instinct. So, I think that if I compete my butt off on the defensive end every single possession, I feel some success can be brought from that.”

Terry is far from C.J. McCollum or even what you read in some circles about him being a Trae Young type player. However, the NBA isn’t like the college game. We’ve seen very recently that there have been some players when the reigns are taken off, we see things we didn’t know they could do. Terry says he’s continuing to work on his game and improve. In addition, says we’ll see a much more rounded player by the time he suits up for next season. 

“I think when you guys see me I’ll be bigger,” he said. “I’ve added a couple of things as far as step backs and creating space to allow myself to get my shot off in a good timing. When you see me next the biggest things will be my physique and certain elements to my game that I wasn’t able to showcase at the collegiate level.

Jahmi’us Ramsey (Guard) (Texas Tech)

Height: 6’ 4” | Weight: 195 | Age: 19 | Freshman

Points Per Game: 15.0 | Rebounds: 4.0 | Ast: 2.2 | FG %: 44.2

You get mixed reviews when it comes to Ramsey as to what he could be in the league. Some would say a 3&D player. Others, would say an offensive threat like a Tim Hardaway Jr. However, that could be a rather exciting thing to watch and see. In addition, develop him into something that keeps him in the NBA for a decade or more. Being that most analyst have this guy going in the second round.

However, this is a prospect that although he himself doesn’t know his niche coming in, feels that his role will expand with his new team as time progresses. 

“As far as what I can do off the bat as far as immediate impact is making shots and defending,” he said. “From there, I believe my role can expand the longer I’m in there or whatever the process is. My role will definitely expand.”

Ramsey has been going through the gauntlet in regards to NBA workouts. Noting that he had a zoom workout that had 22 different team representatives. In addition, he didn’t know which teams were watching. Due to how different the format is this season with Covid-19 still prevalent. 

“It’s definitely different,” said Ramsey. “You know they’re watching but they aren’t there. I think my first (Workout) I was thinking is the camera glitching? It’s definitely unique in it’s own way. But still go out there and play hard. I want to give the best showing I can at the end of the day.”

While at Texas Tech, Ramsey knocked down 42.6% of his outside shots. He was named the Big 12 Freshman of the Year, as well as Second-Team All-Big 12. He’s a prospect that although averages great numbers, wasn’t the most efficient. In addition, doesn’t get to the line as much as you’d like someone with his play-style to accomplish. Yet, defensively, he’s a dog on that end. You’ll be banking on the hope that this guy turns out to be one of the draft.

However, will understand that Ramsey is continuously working on the things that will make him an asset at the pro level. As the soon-to-be rookie stated he’s working on ball handling, coming off of ball-screens. In addition, shooting off pin downs as well as dribble handoff shooting.

Ramsey definitely seems to be ready for the challenge and is ready to get to work. And will give his all to whatever team selects him.

“I’ll love any team I get drafted to,” he said. “I’m looking forward to playing for any team that drafts me.” 

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