Emily Zeck, Blissful Ignorance
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Satellite Beach, FL — If you don’t know the name Emily Zeck, you need to familiarize yourself with her as soon as possible. Zeck, who happens to be one of our amazing hosts, is also a phenomenal musician who is a songwriter and singer. In fact, she has already released an EP a couple of years ago, “Good Vibe Tribe.”

Now, Emily is sharing brand new music in her first album, “Blissful Ignorance“. Blissful Ignorance has a little bit of everything from beachy pop, acoustic tunes, mellow songs, a tune about a breakup, and even a song expressing her love for napping!

The Ball Out had a chance to speak with Emily to discuss her debut album, Blissful Ignorance.

The Ball Out: How excited are you about the release and this particular project?

Emily Zeck: Super excited! It feels good to finally have my work out into the world. These songs are super personal to me, and I’ve spent so long piecing this album together.

TBO: What is your inspiration behind the album and its title?

EZ: “Blissful Ignorance” is actually a lyric from my song “Besties,” which will also be included in the album. It sums up the carefree and light attitude of most of the music in this project.

TBO: If you had to choose a favorite song, which would it be?

EZ: My favorite song is “Lay” because I have my friends, Common Kings, featured in the second verse! I’ve been listening to their music since I was a kid, so it feels surreal having them be a part of this project.

TBO: Would you say preparing an EP vs an album was different? If so, how?

EZ: It actually wasn’t super different release-wise, but adding more songs always means more work! More planning, more perfecting, and more writing. It’s fun work, though, so I don’t mind one bit.

TBO: What’s the one thing that you want fans to know about you that they probably don’t?

EZ: I’m actually terrified the day before I release music. It’s like reading pages from my diary out loud! Once it’s out, though, I feel WAY less anxious.

Listen below to a couple of songs from her album, trust us, they are amazing:


Rene’ Kennedy contributed to this article.


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