Appalachian State University
Courtesy of Michaela Porter

The women at Appalachian State have decided to not practice until changes in the community are a better depiction of supporting black individuals. One of the team’s player’s, Michaela Porter, Tweeted the following on the team’s stance:

Cristina Centeno, one of the assistants on state, shared her support for the players.

Individuals at the university have started a petition about their “deep concern and exasperation” during the current social injustices across the country. Here is part of the statement regarding the statement from the students on wanting a change:

“We are tired of our work and basic demands being ignored and neglected. For years, the current Administration has attempted to hide this reality by creating letters and statements that ignore the trauma and violence that their most marginalized students – Black Students – experience on and off campus. Throughout the last several weeks, statements from the Chancellor’s office have been comprised of lies and deceptive language that disrespect the Black students that have fought for change and have been directly ignored by the current and past administrations. This disrespect also encompasses the policies that were implemented by Black students and supportive staff and faculty over the last decade that have been rolled back.”

The petition, which has gathered almost 6,000 signatures, can be further explored here:


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