Maha music festival
Photo by Kaylie Clineff

Omaha, NE — What screams summer better than ice cold beers, hanging with friends, and great music?


Over the past two days, the Maha Music Festival in Omaha, Nebraska seems to be the biggest hotspot in the area. In fact, this years’ festival was Maha’s 10-year anniversary. Since its inaugural festival, the two-day event has been successful. Many of the performers come from across the country, yet there are still local companies helping make the festival one to remember.

People of all ages attended this two-day music event. From little toddlers hopping around dancing to parents re-living part of their childhood. Looking around the crowd, it could be seen how much fun individuals of all ages were having fun.

Not only did this festival have outstanding performers like Weezer, Hop Along, State Disco, and many more, but they had a ton of vendors!

Maha Music Festival
Kaylie Clineff with State Disco

There was anything from pizza by the slice, to gourmet hibachi bowls created with your choice of ingredients. Maha had it all!

I think one of the best vendors they had was a cooling down station, which was hosted by Metro Community College. It was a scorching 85 degrees, so making sure to stay cool was definitely on my itinerary. Enjoying nice, cold water was just as refreshing as the shade provided.

This was my first year attending this festival, and at first, I didn’t know what to expect. After spending both days there though, I questioned why I hadn’t attended sooner!

Overall, it was a fun packed weekend with tons of music, lots of food and new memories made. Maybe next summer you will make the decision to add the Maha Music Festival to your bucket list.


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